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Last weekend Taylor and I began preparation for our urban farm! We rent a really old house on an acre of land in the heart of Nashville, which is super overgrown and needs some serious TLC. My mom lovingly refers to our place as “Amityville Horror.” We often dream of a big farmhouse surrounded by rolling hills, but we plan on staying here the next few years and decided to use what we got!

In true Chris and Taylor fashion, we bought like 6 books on urban gardening as soon as we decided to take on the resolution. All have been beneficial, but I found that Square Foot Gardening has provided the most valuable information. I have read it cover-to-cover and have a complete game plan for our first real garden.

The first thing we needed to tackle was a major cleanup of the land. We borrowed a chainsaw from Taylor’s step-dad, watched a few YouTube videos on how to use a chainsaw and decided to fall lumber in our backyard. This was a little scary, considering we had no real experience using a chainsaw or cutting down trees. I’m actually pretty sure we would have been injured if our neighbor hadn’t intervened.

We spent two days cutting wood and cleaning up the yard.  I’m really hoping this will provide direct sunlight to our garden beds. We plan to chronicle our urban gardening process with incremental posts. Now that our yard is somewhat clear, I’m focusing on garden bed materials. More to come!


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