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Casual Comfort


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The craziness of fall has officially started. Taylor began his new job at Warby Parker (and is loving it), My sister got into nursing school (wahoo!), and I and working a ton at my second job ($$$). My days have been running together and I’m (trying) to juggle everything at once. But with the hectic schedules and nonstop work, it’s definitely been a struggle.

Taylor is good at helping me stay focused, and is so sweet to me when I’m going crazy. Last weekend, we woke up before the sun and grabbed coffee. We both love to dress casually. I’m pretty stoked to see the skinny sweatpant/sideline pant is such a huge trend for men. I love waking up and throwing on these sweatpants, putting on a denim jacket over a t-shirt or sweater and running out to morning errands with him while feeling comfortable and stylish.

DETAILS: “Duval” Glasses at Warby Parker, Sweater at J. Crew, Levi’s Denim Jacket (similar) at Amazon, Slim Sweatpant at J. Crew, New Balance Shows (similar) at Amazon


The Indigo Shirt


denimshirt_2014_1 denimshirt_2014_2 denimshirt_2014_3 denimshirt_2014_4

It’s October! I’m so dang happy. I’ve done a seasonal reorganization of my closet, and celebrated by busting out this salvage denim shirt from J. Crew. I’ve always been a fan of blue denim on blue denim, but I mixed it up by pairing with tan denim. I think this simple, but clean outfit will be a great for fall.

DETAILS: Salvage Indigo Denim Shirt at J. Crew, 770 Tan Jean at J. Crew, Nike Killshot Shoes at J. Crew, Bleecker Commuter atCoach, Timex Watch (similar) at Amazon


See Ya Summer


summer_2014_1 summer_2014_2 summer_2014_3

While its not exactly crisp cool Autumn just yet, I’m so happy the heat is loosening its grip. Taylor and I love dressing for colder weather so much more than the heat. We’ve already busted out our flannels and boots. Who doesn’t love a carefully wrapped, 90’s inspired, long-sleeve around the waist?

DETAILS: “Clubmaster” Sunglasses by Ray-Ban at Amazon, Feathers Raw Cut Rolled Tee at Urban Outfitters, 484 Jeans in Tan at J. Crew, Vintage Flannel (similar) at Amazon, Vans High Tops at Amazon


Casual Color


casualcolor_2014_1 casualcolor_2014_2 casualcolor_2014_3

I can feel the seasons clicking and summer is fading away. Evenings are growing darker and the heat is starting to loosen its grip. My favorite season is Autumn. I’m ready for the cooler weather and holidays! I heard Starbucks has rolled out their pumpkin spice lattes early, I have no complaints about that. Soon I’ll be swapping out my Birkenstocks for my RedWings and drinking copious amounts of spiced coffees. Until then, here is what I’ve been basically living in this month.

DETAILS: Ebbets Field Brooklyn Bushwicks Ball Cap at J. Crew, Heather/Navy Shirt at J. Crew, Lived-in Skinny Khaki at GAP, Black Birkenstocks at Amazon